Mindfulness against Neoliberalism

Have you felt powerless, angry or sad about everything that is happening in the world? Are you worried about the climate crisis, an insecure working life or growing inequality? Do you think that it can relate to the rise of neoliberalism? Do you want to do something but don’t know where to start? Then we would heartily recommend raisin meditation! Guaranteed stress-relieving and debilitating.


7 pcs. brown sultanas.


Pour out the raisins and place them in a weekly pill organizer box. Set aside five minutes every day for a week to ponder how neoliberalism increases injustice in the world. Focus your attention on those behind it and what you can do to create a change.

1. Hold

Pick up a raisin and direct all your attention to it. Imagine putting away everything that bothers you into the raisin.

2. Look

Look at it carefully, go on a journey of discovery in the darker cavities and in the asymmetrical folds, marvel at how the light hits the edges of the folds. Maybe something unknown is hiding in there?

3. Touch

Take your time, turn and flip the raisin. Imagine that neoliberalism itself lies in there. Feel how good it feels to squeeze it. Feel free to squeeze hard.

4. Smell

Hold the raisin under your nose and familiarize yourself with the smell as you slowly roll it between your fingers, preferably with your eyes closed. Imagine how neoliberalism stinks and squeeze it firmly a few more times.

5. Place

Now bring the raisin slowly up to your lips, carefully placing it in your mouth; without chewing – although it is tempting. Take a few moments to feel what it’s like to have it in your mouth, explore it with your tongue.

6. Taste

Now, with the enemy firmly planted in your oral cavity, it is natural that you feel the rage at all the injustice and inequity in the world. Chew it a little so you can feel the bitter taste. Now is the time, and the strength of character must be measured. You may think, a little vindictively, that it is tempting to swallow it, but it is not recommended, then neoliberalism may become a part of you.         

Instead, spit it into a compost bag and tie it quickly, remember to use a double knot. Now it can be safely sent for recycling. By getting transformed into heat, neoliberalism will finally benefit the society.

7. Effect

Repeat every day for a week until all the raisins are spent up. Feel how you are getting empowered with hope and courage.

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