Casting kit for The Imprint of The Invisible Hand of The Market

The idea of The invisible hand of the market originates from classical economic theory and is a story about a barely mentioned hand which has affected the world economy in a very large scale. It was supposed to transform chaos, competition and people’s selfishness into cooperation and order in an ingenious way – through price mechanisms. With this elegant casting equipment, you may catch the biggest bluff of all time.


Although Adam Smith – the founder of classical economic theory – uses the concept of the invisible hand only once in the work «The Wealth of Nations», this is something many associate him with. The idea about the invisible hand claims that if market forces are allowed to operate completely freely, everything will work itself out almost frictionlessly in the best imaginable way, indeed better than what the human intellect can think of. The goods in the economy are distributed and people get their needs met, while overall prosperity increases. As many can see, the genius of this touches on something divine. But in contrast to the classical economists, the neoliberalists believe that the invisible hand is not strong enough to protect the ownership interests of the very richest. Therefore, it needs the help of certain government instances, such as the military, the police and the courts. The rest of the public sector, including the entire welfare state, only creates unnecessary expenses and obstacles, and can therefore be abolished.

The invisible hand of the market also has the ability to make things invisible. With its hostile attitude towards taxation of the rich, it has paved the way for tax evasion through the purchase and disposal of art on a large scale. This practice has led to a large part of the world’s art history, and thus our common cultural heritage, ending up in so-called freeports – tax-free warehouses in, among other places, Geneva – and is thus no longer visible to most people. Learn more about this type of business in Patch kit for tax loopholes.


30 ml plaster, mounting hook


The invisible hand of the market is hard to get hold of, but is nevertheless an effective phenomenon which therefore deserves to be captured for closer analysis, for which we recommend that this casting set be used.

Try to grope your way to the energy field of the invisible hand of the market. Now is the time to act quickly!
Empty the plaster into a small, useless container (eg an old can), stir in 60 ml of water, pour the finished mixture into the aluminum can (the mold) and let the plaster dry. You have now created the invisible imprint of the invisible hand of the market. Feel free to put on the window lid, attach the mounting hook to the back of the box and hang it on the wall, or place the box on a pedestal.

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